​Scott Lewis :I still remember the first trip we made to Jakarta back in 2010, well before we had any beautiful office, management or infrastructure…and certainly before we had any Diamonds. It all began with DEDICATED leadership; true pioneers who showed trust, belief and CONVICTION in making our vision of changing thousands of lives in Indonesia become a reality. It is to all of those pioneers who I am deeply GRATEFUL for having in my life.🙏💙🙏

This past weekend marked the Official Grand Launch for a country that I have seen contribute so much to the Jeunesse success story all around the world. This was an event that marked a new beginning for Indonesia, an event that marked a milestone from which to build a MASSIVE wave of momentum from. Although I was unable to attend this special occasion, I was certainly there in spirit and could feel the passion and emotion all the way here in Orlando.💯💥🔝

Indonesia is represented by thousands of islands with a population of over 250,000 million people, many of whom are looking for cutting edge products and a business opportunity to help them change their lives and touch many others along the way. It is a country with wonderful, passionate people who have VERY big dreams, many of whom have been able to live out those dreams because of their commitment to Jeunesse.⛲️

To my Indonesian brothers and sisters, CONGRATULATIONS on a super successful Grand Launch! I am so completely humbled and PROUD to see so many people unleashing their potential and truly “Living Jeunesse”. I am FULLY confident that this event will be the stepping stone for many more milestones ahead, and many more life changing transformations…the best is truly yet to come! The global MOVEMENT continues…One Team, One Family, One Jeunesse. #JeunesseIndonesia #1T1F1J #GlobalMovement 💙👉🇲🇨👈💙

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